Muhamad Rosyid Jazuli, MPPResearcher

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areas of expertise
  • Public Policy
  • Political Economy of Policymaking
  • Youth Organization and Empowerment
  • MPP, Victoria University of Wellington
  • BA, Paramadina University

As a public policy researcher and analyst, Rosyid developed his interest in public policy and economic analysis when he joined the Indonesian Vice President Jusuf Kalla’s team in 2013. He then joined Paramadina Public Policy Institute in 2014, advancing his expertise in public policy studies, and helping the think tank with conducting research in many fields like economy, education and other policy issues. Currently, his focus includes the millennial representation in politics and the political economy analysis of public policy reform processes. He holds a master’s degree in public policy from Victoria University of Wellington and a bachelor’s degree from Paramadina University. During his study in New Zealand, Rosyid was chief of the Indonesian Students Association in NZ. Back home, he is now an active researcher at PPPI and advisor for some youth organizations. Currently, he is a PhD Candidate at the Department of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Public Policy (STEaPP), University of College London (UCL). He can be reached through

Rosyid's work

Why policy matters?

We realize that enabling Indonesia to explore her great potentials is a huge undertaking. Since 2010, PPPI has helped enabled sound public policies and continually advised ministries and high level government institutions.

“Public Policy is a key tool to ensure democracy delivers its promise: equality, prosperity, and justice. Good policy making process will provide the foundation for efficient allocation of the nations’s natural and human resources. The Institute’s purpose is to unlock Indonesia’s great potential by promoting sound and comprehensive public policy.”