Ir. Drs. Abdul Rahman Ma'mun, MIP.Advisor

areas of expertise
  • Right to information
  • Political communication
  • Journalism
  • MA, University of Indonesia
  • BA, Gadjah Mada University
  • BA, State Islamic University.

Aman spent 20 years of his early career as a journalist, including for Majalah Panji Masyarakat (editor), Merdeka, Metro TV, a producer at ANTV and is currently Executive Director of In 2009, he was elected as the chairman of commissioners at Komisi Informasi Pusat (Indonesia Information Commission, KIP RI), Director of PPPI (2013-2018), special staff of Minister of Education and Culture (2014-2016). Currently, Aman is the Executive Director of Magnitude Indonesia –– a consulting company for audit in communication, policy formulation for transparency and communication strategies for ministries, state institutions, and state-owned enterprises, both national and locals. He holds a Master’s degree as the best graduate in Political Science from the University of Indonesia. He obtained two bachelor degrees from two campuses: in civil engineering from Gadjah Mada University and in Qur’an-Hadith studies from State Islamic University Sunan Kalijaga. Aman is contactable at and

Aman's work

Why policy matters?

We realize that enabling Indonesia to explore her great potentials is a huge undertaking. Since 2010, PPPI has helped enabled sound public policies and continually advised ministries and high level government institutions.

“Public Policy is a key tool to ensure democracy delivers its promise: equality, prosperity, and justice. Good policy making process will provide the foundation for efficient allocation of the nations’s natural and human resources. The Institute’s purpose is to unlock Indonesia’s great potential by promoting sound and comprehensive public policy.”