Ahmad Khoirul Umam, PhDManaging Director

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areas of expertise
  • Political Science
  • International Studies
  • Anti-Corruption
  • PhD, University of Queensland, Australia
  • MA, Flinders University,
  • BA, State Islamic University Walisongo

Umam is currently the Managing Director of PPPI. He teaches courses on Anti- Corruption, Democratization in Southeast Asia, Australia and Pacific Studies and also Islam, as well as Diplomacy and International Politics, at Paramadina Graduate School of Diplomacy (PGSD), Jakarta. Umam is the editor of “Jurnal Integritas” published by KPK. He conducted two major researches on Anti-Corruption and Policy Reform in Three Strategic Sectors (Infrastructure, Licensing and Custom) in Indonesia; and also on “Private Sector & Anti-Corruption in Natural Resources Sector in Indonesia”. He hold a PhD degree in Political Science from University of Queensland, Australia with dissertation titled “Addressing Corruption in the Post-Soeharto Democratic Indonesia: Assessing the Capacity of the Corruption Eradication Comission (KPK)”. He also holds a bachelor degree in Islamic Law and Politics from the State Islamic University Walisongo (2005) and a master degree in Asian Governance from Flinders University, Australia. Umam is contactable at ahmad.khoirul@paramadina.ac.id and ahmad_umam@yahoo.com.

Umam's work

Why policy matters?

We realize that enabling Indonesia to explore her great potentials is a huge undertaking. Since 2010, PPPI has helped enabled sound public policies and continually advised ministries and high level government institutions.

“Public Policy is a key tool to ensure democracy delivers its promise: equality, prosperity, and justice. Good policy making process will provide the foundation for efficient allocation of the nations’s natural and human resources. The Institute’s purpose is to unlock Indonesia’s great potential by promoting sound and comprehensive public policy.”