Yulita Windayani, ST Fellow

areas of expertise
  • Government Sector
  • Private Sector
  • BA, Pancasila University

Winda is a senior officer at National Strategy for Corruption Prevention based in KPK Office and was the Office Manager of PPPI in which she oversaw daily office activities and provides any support for the success of PPPI projects. Prior to PPPI, Winda has a long list of experience both in the government and the private sector. She once managed provincial government’s capacity development in NAD – Nias Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Agency. She has also been part of SPA Consulting for the assessment of GCG implementations. Winda holds a bachelor degree in Architecture from Pancasila University. She is contactable through yulita.windayani@policy.paramadina.ac.id.

Winda's work

Memupuk Kemandirian, Menyejahterakan Masyarakat: Laporan Studi Potensi Pendapatan Asli Daerah Kabupaten Sorong Selatan

Tim Paramadina Public Policy Institute (Bima P Santosa, Totok A Soefijanto, Septa Dinata, Junaidi, Yulita Windayani) September 2017   Abstrak Universitas Paramadina dan Paramadina Public Policy Institute (PPPI) bekerjasama dengan Pemda Kabupaten Sorong Selatan melakukan studi potensi PAD dengan tujuan mengetahui potensi jenis-jenis pajak daerah yang selama ini dikelola dan dipungut sebagai sumber PAD dan


Paramadina Public Policy Institute Team (Wijayanto Samirin, Bima P. Santosa, Abdul Rahman Ma’mun, Adi Damar Prasetya, Yulita Windayani, Lukman Wirianto) Abstract NEW INSIGHTS ON PUBLIC INFORMATION TRANSPARENCY The ever-increasing use of internet, the availability of websites, easier access to information and sophisticated gadgets are considered as blessings to those looking for information. On the other

Why policy matters?

We realize that enabling Indonesia to explore her great potentials is a huge undertaking. Since 2010, PPPI has helped enabled sound public policies and continually advised ministries and high level government institutions.

“Public Policy is a key tool to ensure democracy delivers its promise: equality, prosperity, and justice. Good policy making process will provide the foundation for efficient allocation of the nations’s natural and human resources. The Institute’s purpose is to unlock Indonesia’s great potential by promoting sound and comprehensive public policy.”