Totok A. Soefijanto, Ed.D. Advisor

areas of expertise
  • Communications
  • Media, Education
  • Public Policy
  • PhD, Boston University (USA)
  • MA, Emerson College (USA)
  • BA, Bogor Agricultural Institute IPB

Totok has been journalist at Tempo, Editor at Tiras (1986-1997), Research Assistant at Instructional Material Center, Boston University (1999-2005), Researcher at Harvard Program on Humanitarian Policy & Conflict Research (2001-2005), lecturer in Information System & Computer Science at Binus University International (2005-2007), The Vice Rector of Paramadina University (2007-2017), Communication & Knowledge Management Expert for ACDP Indonesia in Kemdikbud (2015-2017), Senior Policy Advisor in the DKI Jakarta Governor’s Delivery Unit (2018-now), certified Anti-corruption Instructor by KPK (2019-2021). He is currently an assistant professor at Paramadina University & doctoral examiner at Jakarta State University. He holds a bachelor degree in Agroindustrial Technology from IPB, a master degree in Communication Studies from Emerson College (USA), and PhD degree in Curriculum & Teaching, Educational Media & Technology, Boston University (USA). Totok, a Fulbright Scholar, can be reached through:,

Totok's work

Why policy matters?

We realize that enabling Indonesia to explore her great potentials is a huge undertaking. Since 2010, PPPI has helped enabled sound public policies and continually advised ministries and high level government institutions.

“Public Policy is a key tool to ensure democracy delivers its promise: equality, prosperity, and justice. Good policy making process will provide the foundation for efficient allocation of the nations’s natural and human resources. The Institute’s purpose is to unlock Indonesia’s great potential by promoting sound and comprehensive public policy.”