Senior Fellows/Experts

  • Amien Sunaryadi. Former Vice Chairman of Corruption Eradication Commission
    (KPK) and Senior Executive at the World Bank. Master of Professional Accountancy
    from Georgia State University, USA. Interest: bureaucracy reform, good governance and
    anticorruption. Mobile: +62 8111 61029.
  • Aditya Chandra. Director of Indo Pacific Edelman. Ph.D. in Political
    Communication from Oxford University, the UK. Interest: media, campaign
    management, politics and communication strategy. Email: , mobile: +62 811 898 107.
  • Asriana Issa Sofia. Faculty member of Paramadina University, Master of Art in
    International Relation from Aichi Gakuin University, Japan. Interest: international
    relation and anticorruption. Email: , mobile: +62 818 667 286
  • Bima Priya Santosa. Deputy Rector for Operations and Finance of Paramadina
    University, Master of Financial Management from Melbourne University, Australia.
    Interest: risk management, public finance and taxation. Email: , mobile: +62 815 924 3934.
  • Eiji Oyamada. Faculty member of Graduate School of Global Studies, Doshisha
    University, Japan. Ph.D. in International Development from Nagoya National
    University. Interest: Good Governance and Anticorruption. Email: , mobile: +62 815 1032 7610.
  • Elan Satriawan. Faculty member of Departement of Economics of Gadjah Mada
    University. Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics from Michigan State University, USA.
    Interest: developmental & agricultural economics, decentralization, public health,
    migrant workers and social policy. Email: , mobile: +62 812 1053 0609.
  • Evi Trisna. Managing Director of Indonesian Overseas Alumni for Education,
    Master of Education from Boston University, USA. Interest: education policy and civil
    society empowerment. Email: , mobile: +62 0815 1000 3771.
  • Farid M. Ibrahim. Faculty member of Paramadina University, Master of Art in
    Global Journalism from Orebro University, Sweden. Interest: media, journalism and
    anticorruption. Email: , mobile: +62 813 8320 4597.
  • Handi Risza. Vice Dean of Paramadina Graduate School. Master of Art in Islamic
    Economic from International Islamic University of Malaysia. Interest: Islamic
    economics, business and finance. Email: , mobile: +62 815 8501 8740.
  • Haris Herdiansyah. Faculty member of Paramadina University, Master of Science
    in Psychology from Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia. Interest: psychology and
    anticorruption. Email: , mobile: +62 815 7888 6456.
  • Hazelia Margaretha. Research Analyst and Graduates Students at S. Rajaratnam
    School of International Studies (RSIS), Nanyang Technological Univ., Singapore.
    Interest: political parties, national parliaments, regional autonomy, democratic
    promotion and women in economics and politics. Email:
    Mobile: +65 8403 3600 and +62 816 160 7602
  • Kartika Djoemadi (Dee Dee). President Director of Insight Communication – a
    registered lobbyist in Indonesia, Ph.D. in Macro Economics from University van
    Amsterdam, the Netherland. Interest: entrepreneurship, leadership, strategic
    lobbying and advocacy, political communications and media studies. Email: , mobile: +62 818 0808 2104.
  • Kevin Evans. Director of TIRI for Integrity. Honours degree in Indonesia’s political
    economy from Griffith University, Australia. Interest: good governance, integrity,
    electoral systems, psephology and diplomacy. Email: , mobile: +62 811 987 619
  • M. Subhi Ibrahim. Faculty member of Paramadina University and chairman of Center for
    Islamic and State Study (PSIK). Master of Art in Philosophy from STF
    Driyarkara, Indonesia. Interest: religion, Islam and philosophy. Email: , mobile: +62 813 1060 4718.
  • Ron Chepesiuk. Senior Fulbright Scholar and Visiting Professor at Paramadina
    University, author of several books and columnist for various media in the US.
    Master of Library Services form Atlanta-Clark University, Georgia, USA. Interest:
    international media, new media, transnational crime, globalization and
    human rights. Email: .
  • Shiskha Prabawaningtyas. Faculty member of  Paramadina University, Master of
    Art in International Relation from Leiden University, the Netherland. Interest:
    international relation, peace building, conflict resolution, cultural studies and
    anticorruption. Email: , mobile: +62 811 110 3426.
  • Sukron Kamil. Faculty member of UIN and Paramadina University as well as the
    coordinator for democracy and cultural dialog, Center for The Study of Religion and
    Culture. Ph.D. in Islam and Literature, from UIN Syarif Hidayatullah, Indonesia. Interest:
    philosophy, history, culture and religion. Email: ,
    mobile: +62 815 161 7069.
  • Totok Amin Soefijanto. Deputy Rector Academics and Research of Paramadina
    University, Ph.D. in Education from Boston University, USA. Interest: Education policy,
    educational media & technology, curriculum & teaching, and communication study.
    Email: , mobile: + 62 0819 3260 9119.
  • Wilfredo Carada. Director of Institute of Development Management and
    Governance, University of the Philippines Los Banos. Interest: development
    management, public policy, governance and public integrity. Email: .


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